Working Vintage 1979 Erika Model 105 Portable Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case, Manual, Cleaning Kit – Made in GDR (East Germany)


Working Erika Model 105 retro, manual portable typewriter in London, UK. According to the serial code, it was manufactured in 1979. Regardless of its age, the Erika machine works perfectly well! The comfortable and light keys are smooth when typing and it gives an even, enjoyable response. All the mechanisms work sharply as intended. This sturdy typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so it is ready for immediate action. Also comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

The typewriter was made in Eastern Germany. Erika typewriters were underestimated, unfairly in our opinion, and were not popular or considered a serious contender to other models made in Western Germany. But Erika typewriters deserve to be better appreciated as they are sturdy, reliable and have an effortless feel when typing.

The overall condition is good. All of the keys work without sticking and the typewriter types evenly. Minor signs of use and age are present. Please note the typewriter has some discoloration. Please refer to the photos.

The Erika Model 105 retro typewriter would suit any typist with or without typing skills. Also, it is recommended for typists with any weakness or stiffness in their hands, as the keys do not require much effort as they are light and responsive . This typewriter would also be suitable for beginners who are learning to type.

The Erika Model 105 vintage typewriter is located in London, UK.

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