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Working Vintage Maritsa 11 Manual Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Olive Colour – Made in Bulgaria

Working Maritsa 11 manual portable typewriter in London (U.K.). The Maritsa 11 works well. The light keys are responsive and allow the typing to flow effortlessly. All mechanisms work as intended and the keys function without sticking. This Bulgarian typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so you can type as soon as you get it, without any hassle. Also comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

The overall condition is good. Please note there are some scratches on the top of the typewriter, but all original features are preserved without overpainting, see photos.

If you are planning a retreat to undertake creative writing, then the Maritsa 11 typewriter will be your reliable companion. The machine is small and light in size and weight and therefore won’t take much space in the luggage. This model would be ideal for a beginners or typists with a light hand touch. This typewriter would suit any generation of typists.


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