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Lately, I noticed this beautiful Olympia SM1 in green being sold on eBay. The seller claimed it was working “okay” but is not an expert. So I thought to take a risk and purchase it as I rarely come across the first models in the SM series (most common being the SM2 and SM3), knowing there might be issues.

A week later, I received it – the case thinly wrapped in some godawful tabloid newspaper and inside, a completely broken typewriter! I honestly got no idea how the eBay seller thought it would get to me safely and undamaged without any packaging around. I mean this machine is 60/50 years old and I am genuinely surprised how it survived the economy delivery.

Apart from the lack of the common sense from this individual, the actual typewriter was not in working order in any shape or form. The ratchet mechanism seems to be broken as even pushing the carriage requires full force of two hands! All of the keys are sticking and I believe the draw string is also broken. I don’t think one needs to be an expert to put in a piece of paper and type a couple of words just to be sure.

All in all, the first eBay purchase of the year and what a disappointing one it is.

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