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Typewriter Hire


Want to hire a vintage or an antique typewriter for your event? Not a problem!

All of our typewriters are in working condition and have a new ribbon installed, reducing the possible hassle for you!

In the past, we have provided vintage typewriters for hire for various corporate events, weddings and as props for documentaries, movies and TV series.

typewriter hire

In order to hire a typewriter, we require a 50% deposit of the sale price plus the rental fee of usually £40 to £60 (depending on the machine) per week. The deposit will be refunded back to you once the typewriter is returned in the condition it was initially in.

I’ll use an example to clarify the process. A typewriter is for sale for £70. If you decide to hire it, the deposit would be £35 and the rental cost is £40, so the payment would be £75 in total. However, once you return the typewriter in the condition it was previously in (i.e. not damaged and working) then the deposit of £35 will be returned back to you immediately.

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