About Us

We are a family run business, specialising in manual typewriters. The venture began in 2013, when our hobby interest in antique, mechanical items became a functioning business specialising in restoring mechanical typewriters.

We pride ourselves on providing quality typewriters in good working order, that are ready to go straight out of the box. We find it rewarding to service and restore our typewriters to the highest possible standard, spending many hours patiently cleaning, oiling and repairing them for your use and enjoyment.

We have dealt with many European manufactured typewriters such as Adler, Imperial, Olympia, Olivetti and others. As well as some American and Japanese constructed machines like Remington, Underwood, Royal, Brother, Silver-Reed and others.

We also have working relationships with other suppliers, restorers and typewriter enthusiasts in the UK, who have varying experience and niche items that we can access to meet our clients needs.

Our customers come from a wide range of professional fields such as the arts including television and film, marketing, design, financial services, law, education, not-for-profit organisations and others plus individuals who type for pleasure and creative writing such as novels and poetry.

Corporate Clients


Do you service typewriters?

We do not provide typewriter service.

Please note that all of the typewriters for sale have been serviced and are in working condition, unless stated otherwise.

Are all typewriters for sale in working condition?

Yes, all typewriters for sale have been tested and are in good working order. Any minor defects are clearly stated in our specific description of the typewriter.

Due to the vintage nature of typewriters, almost all typewriters have minor signs of age and use.

Where are you based? Can I pick up the typewriter?

We are based in London and primarily deal through our website.

We do not have a physical shop but you are welcome to collect the machine at a mutually convenient time at our premises.

Do you ship typewriters?

Yes! We ship typewriters to all locations in the UK, most countries in the EU, North America and Asia. All deliveries are safely packaged, tracked and insured.

How accessible are the typewriter ribbons?

In most cases, additional ribbons can be purchased through the store and other ecommerce sites. In a minority of cases, a special dimension of the ribbon would be required, which we can accommodate.

Do you buy typewriters?

Depending on our inventory level, we rarely accept offers from prospective sellers. This is mainly because we would need to inspect it in person before we consider purchasing a typewriter and/or the asking price doesn’t give us enough margin based on the time, effort and skill required to restore the machine to our high standard.

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