Ribbon & Spools For Smith Corona Corsair, Smith Corona Zephyr, Smith Corona Calypso, Empire Corona, Smith Corona Designed By Ghia, Smith Corona Skyriter, Tower Attache, Tower Chieftain


London Typewriters is pleased to present a pair of custom made ribbon spools with a new black ink ribbon already installed.

Typewriters like Smith Corona Corsair, Smith Corona Deluxe, Smith Corona Zephyr, Empire Corona, Smith Corona designed by Ghia, Smith Corona Skyriter as well as Tower Attache, Tower Chieftain and others, use specific dimension spools that are not reproduced, meaning that if your Smith Corona typewriter does not have the original spools, then it will be very difficult to type without these spools.

We have successfully managed to reproduce these spools and they closely replicate the dimensions of the original spools.

The dimensions are 16mm height and 41.8mm diameter of the spool. The inner diameter is approximately 4.6mm.

Our spools already have the standard half inch ribbon installed with them so there is no rewinding required.

You can watch our guide on how to install these spools and ribbon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRylxce2HM8&ab_channel=LondonTypewriters

Please note that these are newly produced and there will be some minor imperfections. However, these spools will fulfil their functional role and as they fit under the ribbon cover, they are not visible during typing so, do not affect the aesthetics of the typewriter.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that these spools will work with your typewriter, so please check the dimensions carefully and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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